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Managing Director

Samuel Brush

Strategic Communications

Jared Sparhawk

Advisor | MENA


We care about individual liberty and the right to privacy. By extension, our work to preserve the privacy and reputation of our clients ties directly to their personal freedom and security.

Beyond that, we carefully select our clients to ensure that the power of what we offer is being directed appropriately.

Our clients appreciate this, share our values, and rely on us to help them make sure they can trust the people around them – particularly as their public profile continues to grow.

Our years of experience dealing with sensitive crises position us to offer education on areas of concern, provide counsel in dire moments, and direct the execution of solutions through our extensive partner network.

No, this would be a violation of their privacy. However, we may be able to arrange an introduction to current partners who are willing to speak on their overall experience of working with us.

This really depends on who you are and why you are trying to “disappear.” We focus on helping people balance their public profile and private life. Extreme situations may call for relocation and a fresh start under an alias, but everything we do complies with the law – we cannot help you if you are trying to evade capture by a legitimate government.

There are elements of what we do from a privacy perspective which involve information security or digital forensics practices. However, we are not a “cybersecurity” firm in the traditional sense. If you have a need that falls outside our focus, we will refer you to our preferred partners who specialize in enterprise, government, and individual cybersecurity.

In some cases, yes. However, especially if the coverage is truthful, it is exceedingly difficult and requires a nuanced approach which may not be realistic for most of our clients.